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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Climate-Friendly Households Programme FAQ

Version 1.0, Updated 01 December 2020

For a more complete set of FAQs on the programme, please refer to the CFHP FAQs here.
More info is also found on the CFHP site.

Please refer to this link for the process.

Please check if your voucher starts with the following prefix "https://v.redeem.gov.sg". The sender name is “RedeemSG”. Please do not trust vouchers starting with other prefixes.

The typical SMS from RedeemSG will look something like this:

A typical Redeem voucher will look something like this - see below.

LED Light Vouchers ($25)

Refridgerator Vouchers ($150)

Shower Fittings ($50)

Vouchers cannot be used again once they are redeemed.

Please visit this link to see the list of merchants.

Please contact [email protected] for help. We will be able to void the voucher that is being resold.