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PA Mask Distribution Nov 2020

Updated 24 Nov 2020

Updating Redemption

Each person can only redeem their quota. Any additional redemption requests should be declined. If a person insists they did not redeem but it is shown in the system that they redeemed, you can still click “redeem anyway” and log this as an appeal case.

See video from 1min 55secs onwards.

Everyone, including Singaporeans, foreigners (including Work Pass and various MOM pass holders), PRs are allowed to redeem a mask.

You will need to scan only the bottom bar code at the back of the foreign work pass. Please cover the QR code on the right hand side as this should not be scanned.

Please make sure that you allow RedeemSG to access the phone camera.

If you’re using an Apple phone, go to Settings > search “RedeemSG” > Click on RedeemSG > Allow RedeemSG to Access Camera > Turn on

If you’re using a Samsung phone, go to Settings > Apps > Search “RedeemSG” > App info > Under app settings, click on “Permissions Camera” > Enable

For all other phones, please check your phone settings and go to RedeemSG settings, and ensure that camera is enabled.

Yes, you are able to select child or adult mask on the app.

Adding and Changing Collection Points

Please find your collection point’s Point-of-Contact (POC) and scan their QR code to add a collection point.

Alternatively, have them send the QR code over whatsapp to your fellow volunteers/ staff or print the QR code out for scanning. These QR codes change each day, so you will need to scan the QR code every day to update redemption.

QR codes are valid each day till 11.59pm, and reset and midnight. This is to ensure that volunteers who only help out with 1-2 days will not be able to update redemption for the other days.

Watch this video from 4min 33secs onwards Otherwise, the instructions are below as well.

  1. Click on the menu button on the top left hand corner that looks like 3 lines
  2. Click on your current location, e.g. “Jurong Green CC”
  3. Find the new collection point’s location POC, and scan the QR code of your new collection point. You can skip this step if all you want to do is to switch collection point.
  4. Switch collection point. Save changes.

The list was collated by PA and had been finalised earlier.

If you still would like to be added, please submit your mobile number to any PA staff to be added. We accept any new additions till 8pm each day. This means that if you submit at 9pm on Tuesday, you will be added only on Wednesday night, in time for Thursday’s redemption.

The list of collection points was finalised earlier, and we only included those that had location Point-of-Contacts submitted.

If you are starting a new collection point and want to start redemption immediately, please obtain a collection point QR from a nearby collection point or submit your numbers to any PA staff by 8pm for the following day’s redemption.


Yes, see these links:

  • Watch this video, if you have not submitted your phone number beforehand to be added as a location Point-of-Contact.
  • Watch this video, if you are a location Point-of-Contact, in other words you submitted your number to PA beforehand to be added.

Please kindly email [email protected] if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.