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General FAQ

Updated 1 December 2020

About RedeemSG

RedeemSG is a system being used to enable government agencies and charities to easily track redemption of vouchers. This comprises of:

  • An admin portal that allows agencies to create vouchers, send vouchers and track voucher redemptions.
  • E-vouchers that get sent to citizens via SMS that open up in a web link, and
  • an API that merchants can integrate with to instantly invalidate vouchers.

Any government agency and its affiliate partners can use RedeemSG to create, send and track vouchers. We also assess requests from charities on a case by case basis.

Government officers can log into RedeemSG using their gov.sg email, whereas charities would need to contact us to gain access to the portal. To create and gain access to a campaign, or to gain access to the portal, please contact us at [email protected].

Beneficiaries of a campaign run by the Government agency/ charity will receive an SMS sent by RedeemSG that opens up a RedeemSG e-voucher link in the browser.

  • Government agencies provide us with their campaign specifications to create a campaign.
  • Agencies upload a recipient list to create vouchers.
  • Agencies trigger the sending of vouchers to all recipients via SMS.
  • Recipients open the voucher in a web link and show it to the merchant, who will scan and update redemption using a barcode scanner or mobile app.

For Voucher Recipients:

Please check if your voucher starts with the following prefix https://v.redeem.gov.sg". The sender name is “RedeemSG”. Please do not trust vouchers starting with other prefixes.

A typical SMS from RedeemSG will look something like this:

A typical RedeemSG voucher will open up in a web link and look something like this - see below.

If you are unsure of whether the voucher is from RedeemSG and the Singapore Government, please check with the relevant agency hotline/ online form or email [email protected]

You can refer to the following pages to find out more on the specific campaign’s merchants and terms and conditions. For the NEA programme - click here for FAQs. click here for list of merchants

Vouchers are designed to be transferable. You can share the voucher by copying and pasting the voucher link into a chat message on Whatsapp, Telegram or any other messaging app you use.

Some programmes restrict the use of the voucher only to the recipient. In these cases, only the person whose name/ NRIC is on the voucher can use it.

Other programmes restrict the use of the voucher only to a household in the same registered address. In these cases, only a same member of the household whose address is on the voucher can use it.

Yes, you can redeem the voucher on behalf of others as long as it is allowed by the campaign. Please check the campaign specific FAQs above to ensure that this is allowed.

Each voucher or voucher denomination is one time use only. Please refer to the FAQs specific to the programme indicated above for more information.

Please kindly check that you are connected to the internet. If this problem persists, you may contact [email protected].