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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about RedeemSG

For help related to claiming vouchers, payouts, and more.

About RedeemSG

RedeemSG is a voucher system for the Singapore Government developed by Open Government Products, GovTech. For voucher recipients, it helps to digitize vouchers. For merchants, it makes it much easier to accept government issued vouchers.For Government agencies and charities, it makes it much easier to start and manage a voucher campaign, and make it much easier for merchants to accept Government issued vouchers. RedeemSG today is used by several agencies such as NEA/PUB and PA for the CDC Voucher scheme.

RedeemSG comprises:

  • E-vouchers that get sent to voucher recipients via SMS that open up in a weblink.
  • The RedeemSG merchant app that allows Merchants to easily accept vouchers by scanning the voucher QR codes and tally their transactions
  • APIs that merchants can integrate with to accept Government issued vouchers.
  • An admin portal that allows Government agencies to manage a voucher campaign, from creating vouchers, sending vouchers, to tracking the redemption records.

Any government agency and its affiliate partners can use RedeemSG to create, send and track vouchers. We also assess requests from charities on a case by case basis. To create and gain access to a campaign, please contact us at [email protected].

For Government agencies who wish to onboard, we are currently accepting new use cases launching from 2022 onwards.

We are currently also accepting merchants to be onboarded to the CDC Vouchers campaign. Merchants can indicate interest here.

If you are a voucher applicant/ recipient, you will need to apply for vouchers at the relevant campaign organizer sign up page.

Please refer to the relevant campaign page that you are participating in below.

Currently we are only onboarding merchants for the CDC Vouchers campaign. Please refer to the CDC Vouchers - Merchants page here for more info.

We will only be able to explore integration with merchants from Oct 2022 onwards.

CDC Voucher Scheme

Please visit the following link go.gov.sg/cdcv to claim your CDC Vouchers.

The voucher link will be sent to your verified mobile number.

(Please note that the masked NRIC and exact voucher link URL may vary.)

You can then spend the voucher by selecting the amount you want to use.

Then, you can present the voucher QR at participating merchants with the CDC Voucher decal.

Once the merchant scans the voucher, the voucher will update in real time to show it is redeemed.

There is no need to download a mobile app to claim the voucher

You may find out more on the CDC Vouchers Scheme at the following website: vouchers.cdc.gov.sg/residents/info

All Singaporean households are eligible for the CDC Vouchers Scheme.

Minister for Finance,Mr Lawrence Wong, announced at Budget 2022 an additional $100 worth of CDC Vouchers to each Singaporean household as part of the Household Support Package. This is in addition to the $100 in CDC vouchers that every Singaporean household is eligible for, announced in Budget 2021.

You can spend the CDC vouchers at any of the participating merchants found here or that are identified by this particular CDC Voucher Decal.

You can spend the CDC vouchers at any of the participating merchants found here or that are identified by this particular CDC Voucher Decal.

Both sets of CDC Vouchers will expire on 31 December 2022.

Please kindly seek help from your family members for assistance to claim the vouchers.

If you are unable to seek help, you can approach the nearest Community Centres/Clubs for assistance to print the voucher. Please bring along your notification letter, your Identification Card (IC) and ensure you have a valid Singpass account.

To find out the location of your nearest CC, please key in your postal code under the district locator here (scroll down to the bottom of the CDC home page to “Find out your district’s information here”)

If you have forgotten your Singpass password, you may reset your password online here or head to a nearby CC who will be able to assist you with resetting your password.

Please check if your unique voucher link starts with "https://voucher.redeem.gov.sg". The sender name is “RedeemSG”. Please do not trust vouchers starting with anything else.

A typical SMS from RedeemSG will look something like this:

(Please note that the masked NRIC portion and exact voucher link URL blurred in white may vary)

If you are unsure of whether the voucher is from RedeemSG and the Singapore Government, please check with PA's hotline 6225 5322 or email [email protected].

Yes, the vouchers can be shared with your household members.

You can share your vouchers by:

Using the 'Share' button to copy the unique voucher link and paste into any preferred messaging apps e.g. SMS/ Whatsapp/ Telegram.

To retrieve the vouchers again, please visit the sign up link go.gov.sg/cdcv and login with Singpass again. You will be able to get your vouchers sent to you via SMS. This sign up link is also shown on the letter sent to your household.

You may spend your vouchers by selecting the amount you want to use and presenting it at a participating merchant found here or that are identified by the CDC Voucher Decal.

You may access your voucher link found in the SMS sent by RedeemSG to find out the remaining balance of your CDC Vouchers. The value is shown at the top of the webpage:

Once your voucher QR is scanned by participating merchants, the voucher will automatically refresh and update to show it is redeemed at a particular stall in a few seconds- see below.

If the voucher value is more than the purchase value, any unused amount / remaining value of the voucher will not be refunded.

CDCs have, in partnership with Open Government Products, GovTech digitized the vouchers in response to suggestions of hawkers and heartland merchants to have faster pay-outs, accurate tracking of transactions and reduce the need for them to collect, count and hand over paper vouchers. Residents also no longer need to visit the CC to collect their paper vouchers, and thereby enjoy greater convenience.

After taking in feedback from hawkers, heartland merchants and residents and iterating on the flow based on several trials with them since April 2021, we have developed this improved flow which involves vouchers being issued and tracked digitally as the primary mode since the CDC Vouchers launched on 13 Dec 2021. . Equipped with a mobile app to easily accept vouchers, merchants will enjoy faster payouts, accurate tracking of transactions and no longer need to collect, count and hand over paper vouchers. With the digital means to claim and vouchers, residents no longer need to come down to the CC to collect their paper vouchers, promoting social distancing and public health in light of COVID-19.

To ensure no resident is left behind, residents claiming both digital or physical vouchers can similarly spend their vouchers at the merchants by showing the QR code for the merchant to scan.

For those who need help claiming their e-vouchers, they may seek the help of a household member who is digitally more savvy to assist them in claiming the voucher as the voucher is assigned to the household. If the less digitally savvy need help, they can visit the CC where Singpass set up / reset counters are set up and there are also staff who can assist them to claim or print physical vouchers.

This is the first time CDC vouchers are digital (all previous tranches of CDC Vouchers have been paper vouchers). Open Government Products (GovTech) worked closely with CDC to identify the key problems digital vouchers aimed to tackle, and conducted 8 on-the-ground trials with real merchants and residents to ensure the final solution is intuitive, inclusive, and easy to use.

  • First, trials conducted were with internal staff before we tested it with residents.
  • Then, we tested with small groups at a time different overall flows to see what flow works best e.g. residents scanning the merchant's QR, residents keying in a 6-digit merchant PIN etc.
  • Subsequent trials helped to fine tune specific parts of the product - how merchant users should be added, how different denominations should be combined, etc.
  • Finally, the Nov 2021 beta trial allowed us to identify issues that can occur at scale.

From each trial, we listened to feedback from the residents and merchants to improve the user experience for them respectively.

CDCs in partnership with Open Government Products, GovTech, had previously tested the model in which the customer scans the merchant's QR. While this is technically possible, we identified it would come with the following drawbacks:

  • If customers were to scan merchants' QR, all citizens will need to download a mobile app.
  • Digitally less savvy residents would be excluded from the scheme if they do not download an app or have an e-wallet, unless we specially cater for paper vouchers on top of the e-wallet (which will result in much higher public costs in administering the scheme arising from printing and paper voucher distribution costs).
  • We have also found through previous trials with residents and found that selecting the exact amount to be spent (as in an e-wallet model) was confusing for some residents and error prone.

To ensure that the digital system caters to both digitally savvy and less digitally savvy residents, we have designed the digital solution such that merchants and residents will have the same workflow regardless of whether digital or paper is used -- residents will present the digital/ paper voucher, and merchants will scan digital/paper vouchers.

After consultations with merchants, we have determined that the $2, $5 and $10 were the 3 best preferred denominations to cater to a range of purchases - e.g. to cover purchases of both drinks and food at the hawkers and other items/ services at heartland shops (e.g. groceries, haircuts).

The vouchers are in fixed denominations to provide the ease of reconciliation for merchants and reduce the chance for errors to occur when consumers key in the amount. Having it in fixed denominations also takes reference from the terms of use for vouchers by other commonly used vouchers - e.g. NTUC vouchers, grab vouchers.

CDC digital vouchers are designed to be spent specifically at heartland merchants and hawkers to support them as their businesses were negatively affected by the pandemic.

The CDC Vouchers Scheme is intended for all Singaporean households. One member of each households will be able to claim the voucher on behalf of the household at a particular registered address.

Allowing residents to claim a new set of vouchers on behalf of their household (tagged to a new voucher link) accommodates any changes in address or household composition since the previous launch in 2021.

NEA Climate Change Household Package

Please refer to this link for the process.

Please check if your voucher starts with the following prefix https://v.redeem.gov.sg/. The sender name is “RedeemSG”. Please do not trust vouchers starting with other prefixes.

For reference, typical SMS from RedeemSG will look something like this:

Below are samples of the light, fridge and water fittings vouchers.

Please visit this link to see the list of merchants.

Vouchers cannot be used again once they are redeemed.

Please contact [email protected] for help. We will be able to void the voucher that is being resold.

Please check that you have a working internet connection. If the voucher still does not work, please contact [email protected] for help.